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Post-Treatment Soothing Cream


Addresses clients' unmet need for a post-procedure skincare regimen.

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

RITUAL: Apply to the treated area immediately after treatment and as needed, or as directed by your skincare professional


  • Supports skin regeneration with human growth factors

    • Boosts collagen to promote post-procedure recovery 

    • Widely studied and clinically tested ingredients for post-treatment care

  • Intensively hydrate and smooth

    • Glycerin infuses moisture into compromised skin

    • Lipids add hydration to promote skin elasticity

    • Wild Yam Root helps counteract dryness and enhances skin tone

  • Soothe and comfort

    • Proprietary Protein blend helps nurture and calm treated skin

    • Nourishing vitamins and extracts soothe skin

  • Protect

    • Dimethicone helps prevent excessive dryness, irritation, friction, and rubbing

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